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Chapter of Adventure


Saturday, May 28th

Howdy Family!

Well its has been a minute since I taken time to express, soak in gratitude, and recognize my many blessings. God is good, the Universe is good, humanity is good!

I have spent the last 6 weeks in the Netherlands preparing to launch the new Disney Wish. What an amazingly talented, creative, loving group of people I get to call colleagues and friends. The amazing experiences we will be able to provide our guest are remarkable. I cannot wait to share. I have retrieved a newfound fire, passion, and drive. There are some MAJOR new goals over the next 6-9 months for me. I just find myself daydreaming and smiling.

My heart is also calling for its own contribution, where can they be, are they looking for me, are they dreaming about me, are the praying for me. Life is good, family is good, and I am grateful. As I settle into things I plan to blog more often.

Special thanks to my Carnival family of guest who have reached out. Although I left Carnival under strange circumstances I have nothing but positive things to say about the company that taught me so much about the cruise industry. I will continue to support the company of fun, who knows maybe one day I will be wearing another hat with them. All in all I met some incredible people, saw some amazing destinations, and made some life long relationships.....not to mention had A LOT of fun along the way wink wink!

Covid, covid, covid brought new opportunity at the Creek. Who ever knew I would fall in love with role and the people. It was hard to say goodbye even for temporary circumstances but everything happens for a reason RIGHT?

Tomas - Elmar - and where is Marcus! I was able to see two of my foreign exchange sons Tomas and Elmar. This warmed my heart and so thrilled to still keep in touch with these amazing souls. Both adult men navigating through this wonderful thing we call life. My favorite red head Marcus.....umm Marcus.....where are Marcus. He busy right now but leave a sound at the beep and he too shall get back to you. Ha!

Sex shows, sex museums, shots, do this , do what, red light district, you from America?, you are tall, I love your lips, is everything bigger in Texas, I'm blushing, eat what?, soul brother T$, shake them cakes, don't miss that train, huh, wait why they closing the curtain, OMG, where the midgets? can you say that? phewwww Amsterdam is to much for me....when we going back? Did I mention my beard is turning white....lawd laws lawd!

Hmm so as I sit looking out my cabin at the waters of Eemshaven in the North Sea. I smille, I laugh, I dance with another chapter of adventure!

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