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A Creative Internal Battle

Well Tarzan has opened and now on its 3rd performance and I couldn't be happier. The last couple of days have been an internal battle. Did I over choreograph? was the aesthetic too much? is the story being conveyed?

It has been an emotional last three days as I questioned my artistic integrity. Most shows I have directed and/or choreographed I entered with confidence and gusto. Tarzan was different. I had did my research, saw the Broadway show, and spoke to other directors. But still the question that burned within was how could I male this show artistically a success. Moving in tech week I second guessed a lot of my decisions and it made me sad until our final dress rehearsal. As tears rolled down my face I realized, this was a beautiful show that me and my family of artists had created. Then to receive that confirmation and affirmation opening night to a roaring audience who graciously applauded with a standing ovation.

It hit me art is a beautiful form to inspire, engage, and transform people. This realization made my creative internal battle worth it. Kudos to my Tarzan cast and I am so blessed to once again be able to create.

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