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Summer Days in PA/NY are coming to an end!

Greetings Family and Friends!

I figured I would take some time and reflect a little, as the days start to count down to my return home and school starting. Had a wonderful night out last night with some of my theatre staff: Luke, Mel, and Hannah. Over several adult beverages I realized how fortunate I am to call such talented, loving people friends. I am looking forward to a new school year with new goals both personally and professionally. I feel really goood about whats to come and continue to thank GOD for his many blessings. I am hoping to update this blog daily or every other day. Until next time may your day be full of happiness, love, and all your hearts desires. MUCH LOVE

Artistically Yours, Roe

p:s: Mel, Luke, Hannah, Lizzy, and Jeff thanks for a great night LUV YA!

#Vacation #Hannah #Mel #Luke

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