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M O N R O E  M O O R E

d i r e c t o r    c h o r e o g r a p h e r 


We make art not merely to make our way on the world but also to make something of ourselves and often that something we make is a person with an inviolable sense of inner dignity, substance, and passion!


Welcome to the website of award winning director and choreographer

Monroe Moore

Monroe is a Houston Texas based freelance director and choreographer. He  directs and choreographs all over the country. His work spans across all theatrical genres but he has a particular passion for both traditional and contemporary musical theatre. He is known for creating visually and emotionally charged, compelling productions.


He has established himself as one of the most inventive and musically sensitive stage directors and choreographers of Theatre, Ballet, Opera, and Entertainment Events.  


His directing work is always anchored to three tenets: compelling stories, strong performers, and vibrant aesthetics that help create a wonderful and innovative journey on stage. His productions are inherently movement-based and designed with simple and elaborate, essential elements so that performers, crew, and audiences work together to fashion the tales that are being told.


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